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What is TESDA Assessment and Certification – Requirements and Procedures


After completing any TESDA course, an individual should undergo a competency assessment to get a Certificate of Competency (COC) or a National Certificates (NC). The certificates serve as proofs that an individual had graduated and passed all the examination under the course given by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority). It can also be used when applying for a job.


What is competency assessment?

A competency assessment is done to collect evidence in order to know if a TESDA graduate is competent. It evaluates the knowledge, skills, work values, and attitude related to a set of units of competency.

TESDA has been implementing training regulations in assessing the qualifications of an individual and to know whether a TESDA graduate shows competent performance.

The assessment is done through different methods such as observation/demonstration with oral questioning, interview, written test, submission of work projects, portfolio, and third party report.

Who and how to apply for TESDA assessment?

Any individual, either students or workers who want to know his or her qualification level. An individual may check the official website of TESDA to know the list of accredited assessment center. Applicant may also visit personally any TESDA TVET institutions-assessment centers or TESDA provincial and regional offices.

Interested applicants should bring the application form, self-assessment guide, and 3 passport size photo indicating the name at the back. The assessment fee varies depending on the course. An accredited competency assessor will conduct the assessment.

What is a certificate of competency? A national certificate?

A certificate of competency is given to those who have shown competence satisfactorily on a specific or group of units of competency.  A national certificate is given when an individual has shown in all units that composed a qualification.

Both of the certificates are valid within 5 years and is renewable. But, there are instances in which the holders may undergo competency assessment again according to the new assessment tools and competency standards.


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