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What Do Skinny People Eat? Here are the Foods You Need to Shed off Pounds


Many people have been dying to lose weight, shed off pounds and achieve a skinny body like that of Victoria’s Secret angels. Because of this, weight loss plans and workout advice have been very in demand. And people who want to slim down think that dieting is a bit challenging because they will be left with eating carrots.


But surprise! You don’t really have to deprive yourself of good food just because you want to be skinny. Here are some of the foods you can actually eat even if you want to shed off some pounds.

1. Chocolates. You might be surprised but yes, being a chocolate eater will not make you fat. You can actually get slimmer if you eat chocolates on a regular basis. That is because the more you deprive yourself of chocolates, the more you will crave and overeat.

2. Dairy products. It is hard to keep dairy products off our diet right? But when you choose low or non-fat dairy products, you are still less likely to become obese. In fact, consuming high calcium from milk and yogurt can improve your metabolism.

3. Green tea. Instead of getting your caffeine fix from a cup of steaming, good coffee, just switch to green tea. A study has found that when you drink green tea, you are more likely to lose weight especially belly fat because of the high levels of catechins.

4. Avocados. Avocados may be popular as a fatty food but it is effective as a weight loss food. A study has found that people who eat avocados feel full longer and has a reduced craving for other foods afterward.

5. Eggs. Eggs are also known to be high in cholesterol but this is one of the best foods to have during breakfast. Eggs contain high levels of protein and they can also make you feel full and satisfied so you won’t feel hungry right away. If you feel like snacking at night, it is better to resort to hard-boiled eggs.

You don’t have to go on a very strict diet just to lose weight. Just include these foods in your diet and you won’t even have to worry about getting fat.


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