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What are the GSIS Benefits Offered to its Members?


The GSIS or the Government Service Insurance System is a corporation that is owned and controlled by the government of the Philippines. This institution provides various benefits to its members mandated by the law. Amazing benefits that its members can enjoy include insurance, pension, retirement, scholarship, and loans.

Who are qualified to avail the benefits of GSIS?

Anyone who gets hired in any government office or agency will automatically enrolled and become member of GSIS. Qualified members who can avail the benefits of GSIS are the following:

  • Active members – These are government employees who are presently working in any government office or agency
  • Survivorship pensioners – Dependents or beneficiaries of deceased GSIS members and old age pensioners can also enjoy the benefits offered by this institution. The spouse and minor child are the qualified beneficiaries.
  • Old age pensioners – The good thing about GSIS is that even those retired government employees were also covered and can receive pension.

Updated GSIS Benefits

  1. GSIS Insurance benefits

Members of GSIS are required to pay premiums for their insurance coverage. There are different types of life insurance benefits to choose from such as:

  • Enhanced Life Policy (ELP) – This type of policy is withdrawable upon separation or retirement from service. The policy includes cash termination value, policy loan and dividends, as well as death benefits.
  • Life Endowment Policy (LEP) – This is the old type of insurance policy that covers those who became hired in the government before August 1, 2003. The LEP can be converted to ELP and includes maturity benefit, cash surrender value, policy loan and dividends, and death benefit.
  1. GSIS Retirement Benefits

Certain amount is also deducted from the salary of government employees to pay for the monthly GSIS contribution. The money accumulated goes to the retirement or pension benefit, and members can choose from different retirement plan options such as:

  • Retirement under RA 8291 – The member can receive 5 year lump sum cash payment and monthly pension.
  • Retirement under RA 660 or the Magic 87 – Members who qualify for this retirement option can choose from 3 or 5 year lump sum or automatic pension.
  • Retirement under RA 1616 – In this retirement plan option, the member can refund all the GSIS premiums paid and gratuity payment from the employer provided that the employee has rendered 20 years in service.
  • Portability Law RA 7699 – This is the combines GSIS and SSS creditable years of service that is offered by both institutions.
  • Retirement under Presidential Decree 1146 – The member can choose either a cash payment or monthly pension.

Other GSIS Benefits are the following:

  • GSIS Survivorship benefits
  • GSIS loans benefits
  • GSIS burial benefit
  • GSIS disability benefits
  • GSIS Employees Compensation benefits
  • Housing
  • General insurance
  • GSIS scholarship

All the benefits offered by GSIS to its members is one way of giving back the long years of service rendered in the government and that they all deserve.


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