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What are Includes in PhilHealth Animal Bite Treatment Package


The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth supports the program of the government on National Rabies Prevention and Control Program.

The Animal Bite Treatment Package or ABTP was launched to help those victims of animal bites to cover the cost of PEP treatment. The Department of Health said that rabies is considered as a public health problem and 100% fatal when not treated immediately.

However, there are cases when the victim doesn’t see a doctor after the incident because of the expensive cost of the vaccines. Keep in mind that the wound caused by animal bite may heal on its own, but if the animal has rabies it will be a serious matter. Thus, immediate medical intervention is required to prevent the spread of the rabies to the circulatory system.

Coverage of the PhilHealth Animal Bite Treatment Package

The package primarily covers dog bites, but may also cover other bitten incidents inflicted by other domestic animals and livestocks. The victim can avail the ABTP that is worth Php3,000.00 to cover the costs of vaccines, antibiotics, immunoglobulin, and other supplies.

People who were exposed to rabies patients and was bitten or contaminated of mucous membranes can also avail the package. Likewise, individual who has open skin lesions and was infected by the body fluids of rabies patients is also covered by the treatment package.

Under category II, infected people caused by handling infected carcass or ingested raw infected meat as well as those with repeat exposures.

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The main objective of this program is to avoid death caused by this preventable disease. This also ensures that everyone will have access to the proper care they need particularly when they experience animal bites

All members of PhilHealth can avail the animal bite treatment package including those employed, overseas workers, individually-paying, lifetime and sponsored members. The fund given by the ABTP is paid directly to either public or private Animal Bite Centers recognized by the DOH.

PhilHealth members must have paid three monthly contributions within six-month period preceding to the month of availment to avail the package.


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