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Warning of Fake Certificates of Asian Nurses Uncovered


Certificates that will prove the work experience play significant role when applying for jobs in foreign countries. In a recent news, some Asian nurses bidding for jobs in Saudi Arabia have ended up in jail when they were proved to present fake certificates. They were apprehended to leave the country while the investigation is in process.

The forgery was noticed during the screening of nurses’ applicant by the Ministry of Health. The nurses were recruited by a leading manpower consultants in New Delhi and Manila and they were currently employed in private sector.


Their act of furnishing fake working certificates have break their opportunities to land a job. Likewise, their academic qualifications became useless as a result of the fraudulent act.

Nurses from the Philippines bearing fake certificates have been arrested in Riyadh, the Eastern Province, Makkah province, and Jeddah. According to sources, nurses from India were also proved guilty of providing fake certificates.

The Public Prosecution under the administration of the Provincial Emirates is handling the forgery cases. The sad part about this issue is that some of the nurses were unable to repay the loans obtained from banks paid for their placement. It is because they have lost their jobs in Saudi Arabia.

The issue has affected the nurses who have been working in the Kingdom for long time as they were obliged to present their certificates to renew their licenses. Many of the nurses were facing problems in securing the certificates because some of the institutions they worked from were either relocated or closed. Thus, securing and verifying the credentials become difficult.

The Ministry of Health aims to maintain the highest standards and quality service in all facilities in the Kingdom. That’s why they require to all health professionals working in both public and private sector to provide experience and academic certificates before they can renew their licenses and practice their profession in the Kingdom.


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