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Top Causes of Itchy Eyes and How You Can Treat Them


Having itchy eyes can be very uncomfortable, and while you can’t help but just continue to scratch away, doing it will only add to the irritation and will further spread germs which can eventually result in infections.Top-Causes-of-Itchy-Eyes-and-How-You-Can-Treat-Them

If you are suffering from itchy eyes, here are the top possible causes and ways on how you can treat them to find relief.

1. Allergic reaction. One of the major causes of itchy eyes is an allergic reaction to a product you may have just used for the first time. Your eyes also usually react to dust mites, pollen, and other allergens, so make sure that you stay away from triggers. You can also use saline eye drops to get rid of some leftover particles.

2. Dry eye. Dry eye is a condition when you don’t have enough tears to lubricate your eye. While this is a common problem in older adults, you can use eye drops to relieve the itch and keep your eyes lubricated.

3. Contact lenses. Many people today use contact lenses instead of glasses to aid them in their blurry vision. However, they can be a cause for itchy eyes especially when they are damaged and when they are not replaced when they should. So if you are wearing contacts, make sure you get them replaced before they expire and wash them thoroughly with the cleaning solution provided.

4. Foreign objects. Foreign objects that make their way to your eye can be a reason for itchiness and irritation. However, it is dangerous to scratch because it may cause an abrasion to your cornea. So what you need to do is to wash your eyes with water if you think that something is inside. You can also use artificial tears to give you relief. However, if you feel like nothing’s working, you might want to have your eye checked in the nearest ER or hospital.

Eye itchiness and irritation may be common conditions but taking a wrong step to treating it might cause more trouble and do more harm than good.


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