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The Process of Getting a Drivers License in the Philippines


If you plan to buy your vehicle make sure to have a driving license. Applying for a driver’s license will take time. You need to wait for hours at the LTO for the processing of your license, not to mention the load of requirements that you need to comply. BY the way, beware of the fixers that are roaming around promising to expedite the processing of license in exchange for an expensive fee.

How to apply for a drivers license

A driver’s license is one of the valid IDs that you can use in any government or private transactions. It is also an important document that allows an individual to drive any vehicle in the Philippines.

There are three categories of driver’s licenses issued including the following:

  1. Student permit

This is a pre-requisite before anyone can obtain the driver’s license. The student permit allows the holder to drive a vehicle provided that he or she is accompanied by a licensed driver. The applicant for this permit must be 17 years old, mentally and physically capable to drive a vehicle. Likewise, the applicant should know how to write and read in English or Filipino.

The requirements needed in applying for student’s permit are as follows:

  • Original copy and photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • Accomplished application form

If all the requirements are accomplished, you can proceed to the Customer Service Counter and get your queue number. The evaluator will review the authenticity and completeness of the documents. You will be called for the photo taking and you will affix your signature.

After which, you can process to the cashier and pay the corresponding fees. Make sure to ask for the official receipt as you will use it in claiming the permit.

The cost for student’s permit is Php317.63, but may increase without prior notice.

  1. Professional and Non-professional drivers license

The applicant who is qualified to apply for a professional or non-professional driver’s license must be 18 years old, mentally and physically capable to drive a vehicle, and literate to write and read both in English and Filipino.

The following documents are required when applying for this type of drivers license:

  • Duly completed application form
  • Valid student permit
  • Recent medical certificate issued by a practicing and licensed physician
  • Negative result of the drug test issued by a drug testing center accredited by the DOH
  • Must pass the practical and written examinations
  • TIN for employed applicants

In case the applicant is applying for professional driver’s license, the applicant should submit either a police, NBI, or court clearance. When applying for a license to drive heavy vehicles, the applicant must bring a non-professional or professional driver’s license to drive light vehicles valid for 6 months.

The processing is the same with the student’s permit, but in this type of license the applicant is required to take and pass a written and practical test. Otherwise, failure to pass both the theory and practical test will prohibit you to apply for license within a year.

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The cost for non-professional and professional driver’s license is Php417.63. You can check with the LTO office for the current price.


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