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The House of Representatives Approved Travel Tax Exemption for OFW Kids


Travel Tax Exemption for OFW Kids – Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are always acknowledged as the modern-day heroes of the Philippine society. That’s why the government is doing everything to protect them and give privileges in various matters.

Recently, the House of Representatives through the effort of Rep. Jesulito Manalo, the chairman of the committee on overseas worker’s affairs has approved the House Bill 6138. The bill aims to give travel tax exemption to the children of OFWs whether married or solo parent.

The main author of the bill is House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. He said that the contribution of the OFWs plays big role in increasing the revenue of the country and the economic standing. The remittances of the OFWs have reached about billions of pesos annually, thus gives great impact to the economy of the country.

House Speaker Alvarez further explained that the children of solo parent OFWs are not getting the same privilege that their married counterparts have been enjoying as amended in the RA 6768. The approval of the bill is a way to provide impartial and undivided recognition of the selfless hard work of OFWs.

Once the RA 6138 is implemented, the OFW and his or her children or dependents shall be exempted from paying the airport fee and travel tax provided that they can present documents issued by the POEA or the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

It is also stated in the bill that within six months from the approval of the Act, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue will recommend to the Secretary of Finance to promulgate the rules and regulations for its implementation.

Republic Act 6138 will be forwarded to the committee on ways and means to approve the tax provisions.

Co-authors of the bill are Rep. Dakila Carlo Cua, the chairman of the committee on ways and means, Majority Leader Rodolfo Farinas and Rep. Lucy T. Gomez, the chairperson of the committee on tourism.


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