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How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Through BDO Online


One of the wisest decisions you can make in your lifetime is to prepare for your future and invest in a reliable and legit insurance company. One of these companies is Sun Life Insurance. The Sun Life VUL can’t be considered as a mere investment but an insurance product as well. You’re not only insured but your money will be earning interest at the same time. Another good news is that you don’t have to go to their office, banks or payment centers to pay your premium. You can pay it online through BDO.

How to Pay Sunlife Insurance via BDO Online

  • Sign in to a BDO Online Account
  • Click the Pay Bills and Reload Menu
  • Select the Pay Bills Menu
  • Enter your Payment Details
  • Enter your payment Schedule
  • Submit Payment

Here are the Payment Details;

bdo online sunlife

  1. Go to BDO Online select Company Biller – Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc.
  2. Amount – the amount of your premium
  3. Remarks – anything that you would want to note
  4. Subscriber Number – Your Policy Number
  5. Subscriber Name – Your full name
  6. Submit payment

Make sure that you’re making payment to Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc. This can be enrolled automatically so that the next time you will pay it will already appear on your BDO biller/company options.

Subscriber Number

The subscriber number is your Sun Life Policy Number and this can be confirmed by logging in your Sun Life online account. You can do this through the Policy Details Section. The Policy Number can be checked at the Policy contract. It’s the certificate inside the Sun Life welcome kit booklet.


After making a successful payment of your insurance policy, there will be a payment confirmation from BDO aside from the confirmation notice that Sun Life will send to your email add. This can also be accessed through your mobile app or Sun Life online account.

Payment Options

Sun Life insurance premiums have these payment options; quarterly, semi-annually or annually. It would depend on the policy holder’s choice which option will suit him/her.

Due Date

Premiums should be paid on or before the assigned due date. It is stipulated in the policy contract. However, if you have missed the due date, there’s a thirty one day grace period. But there’s actually no need to worry about missing due date because Sun Life sends payment notice before the said date to the email address and mobile phone you have provided.

If you don’t receive notice of payment you can contact your insurance advisor or you can visit your mobile app account.

Skipping Payment

If you missed payment over the grace period, it may result in loss of benefit. Always pay on time to avoid this.

Paying Abroad

You can pay your premiums abroad through these payment centers;

  • Wire Transfer to BDO, RCBC, BPI, Security bank and PNB
  • PNB Overseas Remittance Center
  • Globe G-Cash


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