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SSS Monthly Pension Computation Based from the Contribution


The good thing about being a SSS member is that you can enjoy the retirement benefits provided that you completed the 120 monthly premium contributions. Once you retire, you can avail retirement benefits from SSS either through monthly pension or lumpsum amount.


The monthly pension is a cash benefit paid to the SSS member who has retired and has paid the required monthly premiums prior to the time of retirement.

Here’s how the monthly pension is computed:

Formula 1

Php300 + 20% of the average monthly salary credit + 2% of the average monthly salary credit for each CYS exceeding to 10 years

Formula 2                    

40% of the average monthly salary credit

Formula 3

Php1,000 as long as the monthly pension will be paid only for less than 60 months

Regardless of the preceding formula, retiree members who have 10 credited years of service will receive Php1,200 and Php2,400 for those who exceeded 20 credited years of service.

A member who had a total contributions of 120 months and retires after 60 years old is qualified to receive a monthly pension, but there are some factors to consider in computing the amount of monthly pension.

Aside from the monthly pension that the retiree may receive, the dependents will also receive allowance. The allowance for the dependents stops upon reaching 21 years old, or dies, or gets married. But, the allowance continues if the dependent suffers from mental or physical defect and unable to support her or himself.

Benefit payment

The member retiree can opt to receive a lumpsum amounting to 18 months’ pension and would start receiving pension on the 19th months and thereafter. This is applicable only for first retirement claim, but the 13th month pension and dependent’s allowance are not included in the advance pension total amount.

Considering the computation of the monthly pension, it means that when the monthly premium contribution is higher, then you can also expect for higher monthly pension.


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