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How to Avail SSS Housing Loans Repairs and Improvements


The Social Security System provides various types of benefits to its members who are working in the private sectors, self-employed and wage-earners. The benefits include maternity, sickness, disability, retirement, and death.

The SSS members can also avail loan programs such as salary loan and housing loans. The housing loans offered by the SSS is different from those offered by commercial banks and the PAG-IBIG Fund.

One of the housing loan programs that SSS offer is intended for repairs and improvements.

What is SSS housing loan intended for repairs or improvement?

One of the lending programs offered by the SSS is the housing loan intended for repairs or improvement. This can be availed directly from the agency or through the participating financial institutions accredited by SSS.

This type of housing loan can be used for major repairs of the house especially those structurally unsafe and dilapidated housing units. The fund can be utilized for expansion or enhancement of the aesthetic and economic value of a present house.

It is also allowed to use the money to install a motor pump or deep well. Likewise, it can be used for constructing a steel gate and concrete fence.

Who can borrow for housing loan for repair and improvement?

Anyone who plans to avail the SSS housing loan for repair and improvement should qualify to the following criteria:

  • The borrower must be an active member of the SSS and has paid a total of 24 monthly contributions and 12 months of continuous premium contributions.
  • Updated in paying the current amortization with the SSS. If the borrower has an existing loan, a Supplemental Mortgage Contract must be submitted.
  • The member must not be over 65 years old and was not granted any SSS housing loan before.

The loanable amount depends on several factors, but would not exceed to Php300,000. The approved amount depends on the paying capability of the borrower, actual need, and 90% of the property’s appraised value.

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The interest rate for this type of housing loan is 13% annually and is payable from five years to twenty years. If the borrower is employed, the payment will be deducted through the Mandatory Payroll Deduction System.


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