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SSS Flexi Fund Program for OFWs


The Flexi-Fund program is an additional service offered by the Social Security System for OFWs. The program was introduced in 2001 and it is a tax-free and risk-free investment.


Investing in this program does not require monthly payment as it is separate from the SSS contributions. The member will determine and decide how much to invest.

Advantages of investing in SSS Flexi-Fund

This provident program offers financial security and can be used for future retirement. Aside from being risk-free and task-free, the interest of the SSS Flexi-Fund is based on the quarterly treasury bill rates. This means that the interest depends on the prevailing market conditions.

Every month the interest is compounded in such a way that the monthly earnings are considered in the computation of the earnings for the succeeding months.

Upon retirement of the member or disability, he can claim the Flexi-Fund benefits either through lump-sum payment or monthly pension, or both.

Another advantage is that it can be converted into a savings account or pension plan. The member can withdraw anytime particularly during financial urgencies.

How to invest in Flexi-Fund program?

An OFW member of SSS can invest in this program alongside with the regular membership contribution. This means that any amount exceeding the premium contribution and is not lower than Php200 can be credited to the Flexi-Fund account.

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Anyone who is working in foreign country or residing in foreign country and is paying monthly contribution of Php1,760 can enroll for SSS Flexi-Fund account. The required documents include the following:

  • Birth/baptismal certificate
  • Passport
  • Alien certificate of registration
  • Record of employment
  • Marriage contract
  • Birth or baptismal certificate (for both legitimate and illegitimate child)
  • Decree of adoption (if a child is legally adopted)

In case an OFW will enroll locally, the accomplished SS Form OW-1 and other requirements and documents can be submitted at any local SSS branch. A valid OEC should be presented or an E-receipt issued by the POEA.



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