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Guide on How to Invest in the Retail Treasury Bonds


The retail treasury bonds or rTB 21 is a government treasury bond. According to the Enterpreneur Philippines, this Treasury bond will be released by the Philippine Bureau of Treasury and they are inviting investors. Interested investors can invest in rTB 21 for only Php5, 000.


Investing in bonds is a safe investment option if you want to save your money for medium-term plans. This type of investment yields higher earnings that investing your money to savings accounts. As the name implies, this retail treasury bond is designed for ordinary investors.

Before deciding to invest in rTBs, it makes sense to understand what it is all about. Both the government and the investors can make money from rTBs. The government borrows the money investors have invested and in return the investor can earn interest every quarter.

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The fund invested will be used by the government for the “Build Build Build” program. This will help the government to facilitate the infrastructure projects and to the Philippine economy as well. The investor can get back the money or the principal amount invested after three years or during the maturity date.

How to Invest in Retail Treasury Bonds rTBs?

  • Visit the authorized selling agent banks

The Philippine Bureau of Treasury will release the list of selling banks on May 30. You can check the website of the selling agent and talk to the investment counselor. Make sure to ask the pertinent details about rTBs such as risk profiling and product briefing.

  • Complete the required forms

In order to qualify as an individual investor, you should open a peso account in the selling bank of your choice. The principal amount and the interest accumulated will be credited to your peso account. Some of the requirements that should be accomplished include Application to purchase, valid IDs, client information sheet, and the payment for the investment.

  • Pay the principal investment

The minimum amount of investment in rTBs is Php5,000 and no additional charges involved. A confirmation will be send to you as proof of investment.

But, you can also make reservations by calling the bank representative. The earlier you will make reservation the better chances of getting a slot. The bonds are being sold in the “primary” market during the offer period. The principal amount you have invested is the same amount that you’ll get once it reaches the maturity date.

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On the other hand, if the bonds are sold in the “secondary” market, you should anticipate that there’s some movement in the prices. This means that the investor may pay more for the principal amount of investment, yet receive amount less than the principal amount during the maturity date.

To avoid price risks, it is recommended to invest in rTBs when it is offered in the primary market. This way, you can expect getting the bonds at lower costs.

How to make money from Retail Treasury Bonds rTBs?

Investing in retail treasury bonds allows you to earn money in two ways such as the following:

  • Through interest

The investor will get a fix amount of interest every quarter within 3 years or until reaching the maturity date. That’s why the investor can make money from the accumulated interest of the bonds.

  • By selling the bond in the secondary market

When you buy any bond, you need to hold it until it matures. The good thing is that the present owner of the bond can sell it in the secondary market particularly if the prices go up. This way, you can make money from the premium. Doing so, the investor can get back the principal amount of investment along with the profit the soonest possible time.

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However, make sure to sell the bonds at the higher price than the potential interests that you may earn from the premium when you wait for the maturity date.

Since rTBs are government bonds, you have the assurance that you will be paid by the quarterly interest and once it reaches the maturity date the principal amount you have invested will be returned to you.


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