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Relatives Who Want More Pasalubong Disappoints OFW, He Shares His Story on Facebook


The customs and tradition between Filipinos living here and their family members living abroad has always been the same since a long time ago and that is to give your whole family and even neighbours endless amounts of cash, souvenir, toiletries and food items. There are only a few OFWs who don’t like to give to their families because most give everything they have that’s why when these Pinoys living in abroad go broke and they couldn’t afford to give anymore their relatives and neighbours no longer talk to them.

raymond lopez

This is what was shared by Raymond Lopez who posted his sentiments on Facebook. He said that earning money abroad include blood, sweat and tears and it’s not easy to just have an income when you work as an OFW. He said that the reason why OFWs can give so much is because they also worked hard for what they have but he said that some people are just not contented with what OFWs give them that they even complain that what he is giving is just a few.

Lopez said that despite his efforts to give pasalubong, they still can’t appreciate it that he feels like he doesn’t want to give anymore. He explained that even if he has money he is also working hard for it and he is also allotting it for his own life besides he doesn’t have an obligation to give everything he has to others.

The problem with Filipino society is the belief that everyone who goes abroad is rich and therefore this person needs to give his hard earned money to others but unless your relative abroad is a millionaire and wants to share, the only person who should be responsible for your life is yourself. If you want money then get a job and if you get a souvenir from a relative abroad then say thanks.


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