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Recruitment and Qualifications on How to Join CAFGU


The CAFGU or the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units are volunteer reservists formed into companies with 88 personnel. They are regular troops that provide control and guidance in a community. The CAFGU is trained and administered by the Philippine Army.Recruitment-and-Qualifications-on-How-to-Join-CAFGU

Since CAFGUs are knowledgeable about their own communities including the terrains, they are expected to give information to the Philippine Army. They are also the frontliners who should protect the community from potential threats.

Duties of CAFGU

  • They help the Armed Forces of the Philippines in securing the community or the Area of Responsibility from lawless elements.
  • They assist in giving campaign and information against threats as well as help in implementing assistance and development activities in the community.
  • It is also the duty of CAFGU to support community relations headed by the police and to strengthen the prominence of the armed forces.
  • They help the Armed Forces of the Philippines to deliver services in times of calamities.

CAFGU Qualifications 

To be appointed as CAFGU Active Auxiliary, an individual must possess the following criteria:

  • Natural-born Filipino citizen
  • Volunteer reservist
  • Belongs to the First Category reserve (preferred)
  • 18 to 35 years’ old
  • Have been residing in the community for years
  • Mentally and physically fit for combat duty
  • With good moral character/no pending or criminal record
  • Nominated by the Municipal or Barangay Peace and Order Council
  • At least high school level

Interested applicants should present NSO issued birth certificate, barangay and police clearance.

Salary and benefits

Since the CAFGU is under the umbrella of the AFP, they are given special benefits such as individual equipment and clothing, PhilHealth benefit, scholarship of dependents, insurance benefits, and maintenance of the CAFGU bases.

The CAFGU Active Auxiliary has daily subsistence allowance of Php150 or Php4,650 monthly allowance. However, CAFGUS employed by private companies have bigger benefits and allowances.

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In 2015, the recruitment of CAFGU particularly the Active Auxiliary was on hold due to the planned demobilization and execution of the Revised AFP Modernization Program. But, in areas having threats from lawless insurgents, the LGU can request to establish Special CAFGU Active Auxiliary company from the AFP. Likewise, big private companies can also hire SCAA to secure their business.


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