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PhilHealth Maternity Benefits and How to Claim for It


It is said that having a baby is a blessing, but pregnancy itself involves physical, emotional, and mental issues. It may also appear as a financial burden if the family is not prepared and don’t have enough resources.

The good news is that the Philippine government through Philhealth is providing assistance during pre and post-natal to pregnant or expectant mothers. Any member of PhilHealth can avail this insurance coverage not only for pregnancy but also for delivery.

The monthly contribution for PhilHealth is very low, but the health coverage is wide. It’s not only employed individuals who can avail the benefits but also those unemployed yet voluntarily paying the monthly contributions.

Two packages included in the PhilHealth maternity benefits

Maternity care package

Qualified members and their dependents can avail the maternity care package offered by PhilHealth. But, they should have contributed the required number of monthly payments. To qualify for the maternity care package, the applicant must comply the following:

  • The member must be 19 years old and above
  • Should not experience history of miscarriage or abortions
  • No history of health conditions such as uterine abnormality, ovarian abnormality and other pregnancy conditions included in the PhilHealth Circular 2008

Documentary requirements include Claim forms 1, 2, 3, updated MDR or Member Data Record, proof of eligibility, and proof of payments.

This maternity benefit is only applicable up to fourth delivery and depending on the type of delivery either caesarian package or normal spontaneous delivery.

For Normal Spontaneous Delivery, the member can receive Php5,000 if delivery is done in hospital. For those who gave birth in maternity clinics or accredited birthing homes, the allotted amount is Php6,500. Aside from the professional and facility fees, additional Php1,500 covers prenatal care. Likewise, no balance billing is applied to all.

On the other hand, the amount allotted to caesarian package depends on the total amount incurred and will be calculated by PhilHealth. This means that there’s no exact amount or cash benefit for this package.

Newborn care package

Another maternity assistance given is the newborn care package. The newborn screening is given to the newborn baby. This package has no limit, which means that newborns of all qualified members can avail for newborn care package, even beyond the fifth delivery.

The member can avail Php1,750 that covers post-natal care services including newborn screening and hearing, essential intrapartum and newborn care protocol or EINC, eye prophylaxis, weighing, heap B vaccination, BCG vaccination, and professional fee.

Through the help of PhilHealth maternity package, financial hurdle during pregnancy is minimized, not to mention the fact of having comfortable delivery.


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