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PhilHealth Benefits for the Mother and the Newborn Child


According to the United Nations, more than 10 Filipino mothers die every day due to childbirth or pregnancy. Millions of women throughout the world die as a result of childbirth complications like hypertension, sepsis, and hemorrhage.

With this, the government mandated that pregnant women must give birth in hospitals. But, many expectant mothers were hesitant to give birth in hospitals due to the costs. The good news is that PhilHealth had launched a program that covers maternity cases.

PhilHealth Benefits care packages

  • Antenatal care package

The care package during pregnancy is worth Php1,500.00 that covers the pre-natal consultation on healthcare facilities. This may include hospitals, lying-in clinics, birthing homes, maternity clinics, dispensaries, and infirmary.

Likewise, the pregnant woman should undergo at least four sessions of pre-natal check-ups. Three of which during the 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy and 1 check-up on the last trimester of pregnancy.

  • Maternity care package

This care package covers throughout the duration of pregnancy until the delivery day. When the mother gave birth in a hospital, she can receive maternity benefit amounting to Php6,500. But, if in birthing homes or lying-in clinics, she will receive Php8,000.00. This is for normal delivery and also covers post-partum care.

  • Spontaneous Delivery Normal package

This benefit package is worth Php5,000.00 and covers normal delivery in hospital and post-partum care. When in lying-in clinics or birthing homes, the benefit package is worth Php6,500.00.

  • Newborn care package

The good news is that it’s not only the mothers were covered by the care packages but also the newborn babies. This package covers the cost for essential newborn care, newborn hearing screening test, and newborn screening test. The amount of benefit for newborn care package is Php1,750.00.

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The Department of Health encourages all women who plans to conceive to enroll themselves in PhilHealth. This way they can ensure that both the mother and the child can avail proper medical attention without worrying the expenses of giving birth and post-natal care.


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