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Options for PayMaya Online Payment Services


PayMaya is considered to be the most innovative online payment solution worldwide. It was launched in September last year and now it has been recognized in the industry because of its outstanding programs, collaborations, and innovations to help consumers.


Today, many people have been using PayMaya to shop and pay online. To enjoy the ease and convenience of this payment technology, interested consumers may download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and register with the Philippine mobile number.

Once registered, you will receive a virtual Visa prepaid card having a unique 16-digit number. It must be activated first before it can be used to shop and pay online. You can use the card anywhere that accepts Visa.

The advantage of using PayMaya is that you can pay without using a credit card through its other alternative payment services.

  1. Smart Money

This is an e-wallet service that offers online payment services for online shoppers and merchants in the Philippines. The account holder can send funds even if the recipient doesn’t have SMART Money Account. This is available only for Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, and TNT subscribers.

  1. Globe GCash

This is similar to Smart Money and it is available only to TM and Globe subscribers. For online transactions, you need to look for a website affiliated with GCash or you may use GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

  1. Ph

Aside from being a bitcoins trading platform, Coins.ph also provides payment services for consumers and merchants. This payment option does not require the consumer to have an e-wallet, provided that the recipient has email address, phone numbers, or Facebook account. Consumers can send their payment through an affiliate store like 7-eleven.

  1. Weepay

Metrobank Card Corporation and BancNet also has Merchant Service Provider known as Weepay. It allows merchants with websites to receive payments through banks accredited by ATM.

  1. Payoneer

Payoneer offers online payment services with lesser charges.  You can send money or send and receive payments from clients using Payoneer free of charge.

To avail the PayMaya online payment services, all you have to do is to link your PayPal account to this payment service. Make sure that the information in your PayMaya registration matched with the details in your PayPal account. You need also to load at least Php100 to process the authorization request. You can load your PayMaya account through the loading partners such as 7-Eleven and Smart Money.


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