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OFW’s Living the One-Day-Millionaire Life


Many Filipinos think about working overseas for different reasons. But, the most common reason is to earn higher income more than enough to support the family in the Philippines.

The opportunities working abroad may be unlimited and within your reach. That’s why within a year or two, you can have the chance to save huge amount of money that you can use when you get back in the country.


But, not all OFW’s live a decent and stable life when they get back home and worse end up nothing. This is because many OFW’s and their families in the Philippines have been living the one-day millionaire life.

What makes them live such lifestyle?

  • Being showy and boastful

This characteristic is very common to many OFWs. They want to show that they have the money to spend on buying non-important and expensive things. They may be so boastful showing impression to other people that they are “rich”.

  • Spoiling children

The main concern of parent OFWs is to compensate their absence by giving everything that their family particularly their children want. This way of making up with your kids isn’t good and may compromise your savings.

Likewise, when children get used to it there’s the possibility that they may get disappointed when time comes that you can’t give them anymore.

  • Envy or jealous

Envy and jealous can force an OFW and his or her family to live a one-day millionaire life. As you want to impress people especially those you are jealous or envy, you may be forced to spend money in buying things that those people have even if you don’t need them.

The problem is that competing with other people at the expense of spending more than you can’t afford can ruin your savings and finances. Thus, you may end up buried in debt.

  • Tempting advertisements

Typically, seeing advertisements at the mall can be tempting especially when you saw a “buy one, take one” promo. Because OFWs think that they earn big income, they easily get lured with the enticing ads of many businesses.

Those are some of the reasons why OFWs ended up nothing after several months of going back home. In addition, bad spending habits also affect the savings and finances. That’s why to avoid financial issues and save more, OFWs and their families should avoid practicing the one-day millionaire life.


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