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OFW Steals from Her Boss Then Gets Caught on CCTV


This OFW’s boss didn’t like it when she was seen on CCTV taking her boss’ money. In an argument that happened between the two, the OFW and her boss are discussing why she steals money from the bag of her boss. She keeps answering different things to her boss. At first she answered she opened because of ‘nothing’ then she also said she did a mistake of opening it. She also said that she picked up the money but by mistake. The employer is very upset with her and couldn’t believe what she did.


She was also asked by her employer how much money she stole to which she answered ‘I’m not sure’. Her employer asks her more questions like when did she get the money and she said ‘yesterday’. She was also asked how many times she has been stealing the money but she said she’s not sure. Her employers keep asking the same questions and what’s funny is that she looks irritated with her boss who only wanted to know since she is the one who stole the money.

After a few minutes of arguing, the CCTV was shown where the OFW is really stealing from her boss. She keeps on giving different reasons for stealing but her boss is not happy with her answer because this is her money and stealing is not allowed. OFWs are known to be honest individuals who went abroad to give their loved ones a better life. This saddening story however is far from that.

This OFW, no matter what her reason has failed to be an honest employee that her boss is disappointed and has lost her trust in her. Let’s all hope that other OFWs won’t be so quick to steal like this woman so that the reputation of decent workers abroad won’t be tarnished.

Panoorin ang kuhang ito sa CCTV



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