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OFW Investment Ideas for Php5,000


Financial experts suggest that it is better to invest for the future. But, many people were hesitant to invest because they thought that it needs big amount of money.


The good thing is that there are investment options that you can start and does not require big amount of money. Having Php5,000 can be used as a startup capital for an investment. But, before deciding to invest you should have an objective or goal either short-term, medium term, or long term. Likewise, you should also choose an investment wherein your capital will earn a minimum of 12% per year.

To help you find the ideal investment, please read on.

Mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds can be the best option for new investors. An experienced fund manager used the money in buying selected stocks stable and large companies. Mutual fund is less stressful if you want to grow your money in the financial markets. The professional fund managers select the right investment appropriate to you.

There are various companies where you can invest in mutual funds including the following:

  • Sun Life Financial
  • PhilEquity
  • ALFM Mutual Funds
  • First Metro Asset Management, Inc.
  • Philam Asset Management, Inc.

Stock market

Stock market is another option if you want to invest. This form of investment involves buying and selling of shares from companies. This is perfect for risk-taker investors, but investing in stocks promises high returns.

If you’re good in managing stocks, you can expect your shares to grow approximately 40%.  However, investing in stocks is not for faint-hearted because it fluctuates unexpectedly and worse you’ll lose your money instantly.

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With this, it’s important to learn and familiarize how the stock market works before diving into it. This type of investment requires your dedication and time to monitor consistently your stock portfolio.


Do you ever think that for only Php5,000 you can start a small yet promising business? All you have to do is to choose the right business venture that you can start with a minimal amount, but promises good returns.

Regardless of how you grow your money, always keep in mind that there’s always risk involve. Therefore, it makes sense seeking recommendations from financial experts in making the right choice.


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