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OFW Emotional after He Gave His 650K Earnings to His Girlfriend Who Spent it On Another Man


An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) must have felt the weight on his shoulders when he was cheated on by his girlfriend and she took away a big amount of cash from him to spend on her other boyfriend. A man named Jimmy Aroco has gotten emotional when he learned that his girlfriend cheated on him and the money he sent that was supposed to be for their wedding is now gone because she spent it on her boyfriend.

The OFW went to Raffy Tulfo in action to file a complaint against Lailanie Jane Ragmac who insisted she used the money for her tuition fee and other school-related fees. Jimmy said that they have been planning for their wedding but this happened. He felt devastated for trusting her with his money only to find out that she used it on another man and the sad thing was that her parents tolerated her wrong doings. He spent a total of Php650,000 which he requested be given back to him but Lailani decalred that she can’t give the total amount just once but she can do if it’s instalment. The two are now planning to come into an agreement.

Sad to say that there are still many people who believe quickly and give their money to people they barely know. The hard-earned money of Jimmy Aroco is now gone after he has fallen into the traps of a young woman. This will serve as a lesson learned on the part of Jimmy who seemed to have gotten into a relationship with a superficial woman. And for Lailani, let’s all hope she can give back the money of Jimmy because he worked hard for that and endured loneliness living abroad just to have a decent income.

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