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Noche Buena Foods Favorite by Filipinos


Christmas time is the happiest and festive time of the year. Everyone is looking forward for the traditional Noche Buena in which the family partake in sumptuous dishes after the midnight mass.  It makes sense to make a plan of what to prepare for Noche Buena as early as possible.


Here are some of the favorite foods of Filipinos present in every table during Noche Buena:


Lechon can be the star of the dinner for those who can afford to buy one. But, if the budget is not enough for lechon baboy, you can opt for chicken lechon. For the sauce, you can use Mang Tomas, or banana catsup, or vinegar with crushed garlic.

Hamonado/Christmas ham

Hamonado is commonly serve during special occasion like Noche Buena. It’s a special dish in which the chicken or pork meat is tender and cooked in pineapple juice.

If you don’t have time to prepare the hamonado, the easiest option is to buy a Christmas ham made from chicken, turkey, pork, or even the scrapped parts.

Crema de Fruita

This is the counterpart of fruitcake and it is staple during Noche Buena. This favorite dessert is easy to prepare and the ingredients are minimal and affordable.


Whether you want fruit or macaroni, salad is one of the best treats for Noche Buena.

Quezo de bola

Children would always look for the quezo de bola that is coated with red wax. This is always present in the table during Noche Buena as it is a perfect match for cold cuts and white wine.


Lumpia can be a Chinese food, but it is one of the favorites among Filipinos. You can choose either lumpiang Shanghai or fresh lumpiang ubod.

Leche flan

Older people said that there should be something sweet to serve during Noche Buena and leche flan is the best choice. No one can resist this heavenly treat once it is served in the dining table.


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