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Simple Guide on How to Apply for National Book Store Franchise


National Book Store Franchise – The National Book Store is one of the premier bookstores in the Philippines. Obviously, most Filipinos have experienced buying school supplies every school year and textbooks as well. Just like any other commercial businesses, National Book Store is open for franchise. Filipino entrepreneurs who want to start their own business should consider this franchise idea.


Getting to know National Book Store 

National Book Store was established in 1942 by Jose and Socorro Cancio-Ramos. They first started the business renting a small space within the area of Escolta Bridge in Santa Cruz, Manila. They initially sell school supplies, textbooks, and American GI novels. As the business grows, they expanded and begin to sell office supplies.

Presently, there are more than 230 branches of National Book Store throughout the Philippines and there’s also 1 National Book Store Express Stores.  The company also owns affiliates including the following:

  • Powerbooks – A specialty bookstore
  • Art Bar – Specialty store for crafts and arts
  • Metrobooks – A bookstore in Hong Kong
  • Work Station – Offers office equipment and supplies
  • Noteworthy – Sells gift items and stationery

Anvil Publishing is the company’s publishing contractor. Since National Book Store was established until today, it remains as a family-run corporation.

National Book Store Express Franchising Requirements

The NBS Express is smaller than the original National Book Store. It offers office and school supplies and 10% of its inventory are books. If you will franchise NBS Express, you need to look for a place that measures a minimum of 150 square meters.

National Book Store Franchise Investment 

The initial franchise fee for NBS Express is Php450,000 that includes the following:

  • Use of NBS trademark
  • Assistance during the store opening
  • Procurement program
  • Location/site approval
  • Use of operating manual
  • Research, development, and training of the franchisee and the staff

The total amount when you franchise NBS Express would be Php6.4 million that also covers the store’s equipment and construction. Likewise, franchisee will pay 1% monthly royalty from the gross sales. Upon signing the franchise contract, it will be legally bonded for 10 years.

For more information, you may contact:

G/F Quad Alpha Centrum, 125 Pioneer Street

Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Telephone Number: (02) 888-8627

Website: www.nationalbookstore.com


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