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Multi-purpose NBI Clearance for Simplified Transactions


NBI clearance is one of the essential documents required in many different transactions. This document is commonly used as a proof of identity or for employment purposes. Different types of NBI clearance are issued according to the purpose of the applicant such as for travel abroad and visa, for gun license, and other purposes.

The good news is that, the bureau had started issuing the new NBI clearance that can be used both local and abroad for any transactions. This is to abide with the mandate of the present administration to simplify all the government processes and transactions.

As they are issuing the new NBI clearance, the agency is also innovating to simplify the process of applying for NBI clearance.

Step 1.

The applicant should register first to the official website of the agency that is www.nbi-clearance.com. However, if the applicant is unable to access the internet, he or she can proceed to the satellite office or head office of NBI to register online. The applicant can use the free internet.

Step 2.

After completing the registration, the applicant will receive a reference number and set an appointment. He or she will also choose the branch where the biometrics will be processed.

Step 3.

For online registration, the applicant will pay the amount of Php115 at Bayad centers or banks.

Step 4.

During the appointment date, the applicant will undergo biometrics process including taking photo, affixing of signature and fingerprints.

Step 5.

The applicant can get the new NBI Multipurpose Clearance the same day provided that there’s no hit.

A “hit” may appear if the applicant has pending criminal case or namesake. In case there’s a hit, the agency will conduct an investigation on the database and it will take about four days.

The verification processes when applying for NBI clearance involve some parameters such as parent’s name, address, and date of birth.

For those applicants having pending or acquitted case, they should secure a court clearance and submit it to NBI.


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