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Most Common Problems Faced by OFWs


Many Filipinos think that working abroad is the only solution to poverty and that it can solve most of their problems, especially when it comes to finances. While being an OFW can truly help Filipino families who want to experience a better living, there is no promise of a perfect and problem-free life.


Most OFWs can enjoy the fruits of their hard work and labor, and they feel grateful for the opportunities that allow them to provide the needs and even the wants of their families. However, they also endure a lot of sacrifices and problems because of the path they choose to take. It is important that we all are aware of the issues that our OFWs face so we value them even more and the things they do for their families and for the country.

1. Abuse by the employer. We have heard this in the news, hundreds if not thousands of times. Many OFWs have been abused by their employers, not just physical or verbal. Some have been very discriminative of our race and even faith, and these things are also considered abuse.

2. Illegal recruitment. Filipinos who aspire to work abroad are at risk of being a victim of illegal recruiters. This is happening when they lack awareness and complete knowledge about the kind of agency they are engaging into. This is why checking with POEA is the best thing to do to check if an agency is properly listed.

3. Marital problems. This is another common problem among OFWs who had to leave their husbands or wives behind. Either of the couple or sometimes both of them fall into the temptation of having an illicit affair with a third party because of loneliness. Consistent and constant communication with your spouse is important.

4. Mass layoff. Some countries also suffer from an economic crisis and because of this, companies have to close which result to thousands of employees losing their jobs. OFWs are also being affected by these circumstances.

5. Family problems. It is becoming more difficult for OFWs to endure the homesickness when they know that there are a lot of family issues back at home. For example, they have a family member who is sick. It becomes more heartbreaking for them to be away from their family when they are needed the most.

These are just but some of the most common problems our OFWs face. They don’t have an easy breezy life. They work hard and sacrifice their happiness and comfort for a better life for their families.


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