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How to Register in Metrobank Online Banking or Metrobank Internet Banking


Metrobank is one of the financial institutions in the Philippines aiming to provide convenient services through Metrobank online banking.

Online banking services allow bank clients to access their Metrobank accounts with just a click as long as you have a computer and internet connection. If you want to avail such service all you have to do is to apply for MetrobankDirect Retail and this is for individual customers.

You can apply for this online banking service free of charge. To encourage customers to apply for MetrobankDirect Retail, here are some of the features and services that you can enjoy:

  • Through MetrobankDirect Retail, a customer can access his or her account balances
  • Can transfer funds or reorder checkbooks easily
  • Pay utility bills (water, electric, internet, or phone bills)

You should register first at the official website https://personal.metrobankdirect.com so that you can log in anytime you want to check your accounts or transact online banking services.

Guide How to Enroll Metrobank Online Banking


  • The first thing to do is to open an account with Metrobank and make sure to include your application for MetrobankDirect. This online banking service is offered only to individual and joint account holders.

There are two options to enroll either by visiting personally at any Metrobank branch or apply online at https://www.metrobank.com.ph. When you enroll online you need not go through the succeeding steps listed below.

  • If you will enroll personally, ask for the enrollment form from the bank officer.
  • Provide your active email address and create your Customer ID.
  • Submit the accomplished enrollment form and wait for the password mailer that contains your initial password. You can use it if you want to log in to your MetrobankDirect account.
  • A confirmation letter will sent to your email address within 3 days. It confirms that your account is activated and ready to use for online banking services.
  • To check your account, log in to the official website of Metrobank. On the right sidebar, click “Personal” and you’ll be redirected to another webpage https://personal.metrobankdirect.com. To log in, input your customer ID and password.

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Aside from the features mentioned above, having a MetrobankDirect account allows you to view or print your account statement online or pay for your credit cards.


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