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How to Make Money Online Through Lazada Philippines


Lazada is one of the online stores in the Philippines where you can shop everything without going outside your house. You can buy from Lazada by using your mobile devices and internet connection.


The good thing about Lazada is that you can also make money by earning passive income. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Become an affiliate and promote the products in Lazada
  • Register with Lazada and sell your products

How to become a Lazada affiliate?

Being an affiliate is an easy way to make money through Lazada. But, before you become an affiliate you must join first the affiliate marketing program offered by this online store so that you will know and learn how it works.

Being an affiliate you need to promote the product or service offered by other people and you will earn money from the commission. The key is to join an affiliate program from any company or organization so that you do promotion legitimately.

Affiliates can earn money through “referrals”. Once they purchase the product or paid the service, the affiliate will automatically earn a commission.

Thus, once you become a legit Lazada affiliate you can start promoting the products or service and convince the customers to buy them so that you can get commission and make money online.

How to earn money through Lazada affiliate program?

The main objective of affiliate marketing program is to promote the products online and in return earn commissions. But, there are other ways to promote the product such as creating a YouTube channel, setting up a blog, or promoting the affiliate link to other social media platform.

Affiliate link comes in different forms such as text link or banner that redirects to app store or Lazada website. For every purchase made you will earn a commission. To earn more commissions you must know how to gain more referrals.

The amount of commissions you get depends on the number of referrals or customers clicking the referral link and making purchases. That’s why it is essential to attract more potential customers click the affiliate link and visit Lazada website at www.lazada.com.ph. This is the key to obtain more visitors and turn them into buyers, thus earn a commission.

Creating your own online platform can help you drive more traffic. By setting up a Youtube channel or a blog you can gain more followers and audience who are potential buyers. Through your own online platform, you can easily advertise the products and get more sales, and eventually, earn a commission.

Start a blog

If you will use blog to promote a product, make sure that it is relevant to what you are advertising. This means that if you’re promoting fashion you need not only write articles about fashion but also took pictures about the latest clothing style, brand, color, and other related details. Post your blog or share them on different social media sites and major search engines.

Make sure to include the Lazada’s banner along with your affiliate link on your blog. See to it that the text link is visible so that the blog visitors will easily see the text link and attract them to click the advertisement.

Create a Youtube channel

If you are technology savvy and have passion to do video recording, you can use your skill to create a Youtube channel. You can use it to promote your affiliate link, which can generate visitors and referrals to Lazada and eventually purchase products. With the innovation of technology, you can optimize your promotion strategies and earn more commission. All you have to do is to be resourceful and creative.

All your effort is well paid off because Lazada can monitor all the referral links through the referral ID embedded in each referral link. Each affiliate member has assigned unique referral ID that’s why Lazada easily identifies to whom is the referral link and the location of the visitors.

Lazada commission program

Earning money through Lazada is very profitable because it offers generous commission program.

  • 5% commission                –              All electronics items (computer, laptops, camera, consumer electronics, mobile and tablets)
  • 8%                                     –              All non-electronic items (home appliances, travel and luggage, health and beauty, sports and outdoors, watches, toys, kids, and babies, home and living, media, game and music, travel and luggage)
  • 10%                                   –              All fashion items (women, men, and kids fashion)

The percentage rate of the commission is applicable for every single purchase. This means that you can get more commissions if more referrals will purchase from Lazada. The good thing is that even if your referral does not purchase for the first time he landed on the Lazada’s website, but visited again and purchase a product within 30 days, you can still earn commission.

You can get the commissions 30 days after the sales have been validated and you’ll be paid through bank transfer. That’s why upon joining Lazada affiliate program make sure to provide your banking information where your earnings will send. You can also increase your earnings if you will be chosen as best-performing affiliate because you will receive special commission rates.

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