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List of Specific Illnesses and the Corresponding PhilHealth Cash Benefits


Every Filipino employee is required to pay the mandatory PhilHealth monthly contributions. The amount of the monthly contribution may be small, but the member can get huge benefit from the agency.

One of the benefits is the cash benefits that cover specific illnesses. But, before going further we should understand the guidelines, eligibility and coverage of the cash benefits.

Requirements of PhilHealth Cash Benefits

  • Three months’ contribution within the six months’ period prior to the month of availing the benefits.
  • The member should submit a copy of MDR
  • Completed PhilHealth Claim Form 1

For other requirements, you can visit the official website of PhilHealth. To avail the cash benefits, see to it that the contributions are updated and the hospital is PhilHealth accredited. However, hospital confinement beyond 45 days will not be covered by PhilHealth.

List of specific illnesses with the corresponding amount of cash benefits

  • Hemodialysis Php 2,600/session
  • Outpatient blood transfusion Php 3,640/session
  • Thyroidectomy Php 31,000
  • Ovarian Cystectomy Php 23,300
  • Pneumonia

Moderate risk pneumonia               Php 15,000

High risk pneumonia                       Php 32,000

Primary care pneumonia                Php 10,500

  • Tonsillectomy (primary/secondary) Php 18,000
  • Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD)

Lying- in                                               Php6,500

Pre-natal                                               Php1,500

Hospitals                                              Php5,000

  • Tubal ligation                                     Php4,000
  • Rheumatic fever                                Php10,100
  • IUD                                                      Php2,000
  • Viral hepatitis                                    Php11,800
  • Vasectomy                                          Php4,000
  • Cerebral palsy                                    Php9,500
  • Cerebral infarction                           Php28,000
  • Appendectomy                                   Php24,000
  • Breech extraction                              Php12,120
  • Cataract surgery                                Php16,000
  • Cellulitis                                              Php9,600
  • Caesarian section                              Php19,000
  • Congenital anemia                            Php15,200
  • Newborn care package                     Php1,750
  • Emphysema                                       Php11,400
  • URTI

Primary care facilities                                     Php2,800

Hospitals                                                            Php4,000

  • Dengue

Dengue fever                                                     Php4,000

Primary care facilities                                     Php2,800

  • Asthma

Asthma in acute exacerbation                       Php9,000

Primary care facilities                                     Php6,300

  • Diabetes mellitus (coma and ketosis)         Php12,600
  • Congenital hypothyroidism                          Php9,900

Other illnesses are categorized as medically and economically catastrophic depending on its seriousness. These are the illnesses classified under the PhilHealth Z.

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The health conditions under the category of PhilHealth Z are those that needs expensive treatments as well as prolonged hospitalization.


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