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Is It Practical to Invest in Pag-IBIG Acquired Properties?


Everyone may dream to own a home. But, it isn’t that easy to have one considering the cost of the property. In fact, the cost of a simple house is approximately twenty times more than the annual earnings of an average Filipino.


The good thing is that there are many ways to own your dream home shelling out big amount of money out rightly. This is possible through the help of Home Development Mutual Funds or the Pag-Ibig Fund. This government agency was designed to help every Filipinos to avail savings program and affordable home financing option.

Anyone can register as a member of the savings program including those employed (both overseas and locally). Self-employed and voluntary members are also entertained.

Under the home financing programs, the agency offers both new and recalled housing properties developed either by Pag-Ibig or other real estate companies affiliated with the agency.

What it takes to invest in the Pag IBIG  acquired properties?

The repossessed properties are also known as acquired assets. These are the properties in which the property owner was unable to pay the monthly amortization. Failure to pay the amortization would lead to foreclosure of the property and it will be off for auction.

Those who don’t have enough amount of money to buy a brand new property, may consider to avail the Pag-Ibig acquired assets.

When you buy acquired assets you can expect for lower price than the market value. Real property value increases over time and it is also applicable to acquired assets. This can be advantageous in your part as you can buy the property in lower price, yet can sell it in higher price, thus gain bigger returns. It also comes with discounts depending on the repayment plan.

If you’re looking for properties within strategic location, you should consider Pag-Ibig acquired assets. But, in this case you should expect for higher price.

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Purchasing Pag-Ibig acquired properties also come with some drawbacks. One is, if the property has been vacated for long time, most likely the structure was deteriorating. This makes sense conducting a thorough assessment before buying the property.

Prior of buying the property you also need to know the reason of foreclosure. Do some homework such as getting some information from the previous owner or neighbors before making your final decision.


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