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Invest in a Gasoline Station Franchise – Here’s How You Can Do It in 7 Easy Steps


Franchising a gasoline station is for someone with a bigger amount of money to invest. It’s a profitable business but not one without struggles. The good thing about a gasoline station is that you can earn big. When it’s in a prime location where many vehicles pass by, you can get a lot of customers. You’ll need a big lot area to occupy to run this kind of business. It would also be good if you have some investors so you have more money to spend during the first years of running it. You’ll earn big as long as you build your gasoline station in a good location.

It’s an advantage if you have a business degree or know about running a business. Although most franchises get help from their company, it’s still a good thing when you understand the facets of keeping it afloat. This is to make sure you keep your business running for a long time. Aside from your money investment, you also need to submit requirements when you are applying for a franchise.

For example, Caltex, which is one of the top gasoline stations here in the Philippines is offering franchise opportunities. They do have requirements that you need to fulfill to get approved.

Here’s how you can apply for the company’s franchise.

Go to the website of Caltex and look for information about opening a franchise. Browse through their website first and make sure that you’ve decided to take the plunge. Once you’re ready, go to the form submission page to fill-out your personal information. This is the red box that says “Become a Caltex Retailer”. It also has blanks you should fill-up. Here’s what you should fill-up;

  • Your complete name
  • Your complete address
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number

Visit http://www.caltexforinvestors.com/ph/en/learn/ to learn more about the process.

Step 1

Once you’re done answering the “red box area”, you can now present your site to the authorized Caltex officer to see if it meets their criteria. For approval, your lot area should be at least 1,000 square meters. The company will evaluate it and let you know if the location is approved.

Step 2

You may proceed after they let you know you know that your location is approved. After that, you can now get an application form. Ask your Caltex agent where you can get the application form. Answer the application form and submit it to an authorized Caltex employee. Your application form is now ready for evaluation. Wait for someone to contact you regarding your application.

Step 3

This next process is the interview. An authorized Caltex employee will go to your house to interview you. This is your moment to share your expertise or what you can contribute to the Caltex franchise family. Be prompt with your answers and respond as honestly as you can.

Step 4

You need to undergo a “suitability check” before you can proceed to the other steps. There’s training involved and evaluation to move forward. Once you’re successful, you can prepare for the background check.

Step 5

Caltex will check if you have financial resources. Remember that opening a gasoline station franchise is a serious business meaning you need a lot of money for approval. They will do some background check on you to see if you’re capable of running this business.

Step 6

You need to present to the Retailer Selection Board once you pass your home interview. The board might ask you some questions to see if you’re fit for this role. Be confident when you are talking to them so that they’ll see that you can be their next franchisee. You’ll have to wait for another approval to move forward from this step.

Step 7

Congratulations if you’ve made it his far! This is the last step in the application process. This is where you’ll sign your contracts as a Caltex retailer. There’s also another training you’ll undergo called New Retailer Training Course. You’ll do this for two weeks. After that, you are now a Caltex retailer.

All the steps for the application process are necessary to ensure Caltex is accepting competent and capable franchisees. Don’t be disheartened if you need to undergo these because the outcome is good when you own a gasoline station. Keep in mind that it will take hard work, dedication, patience, and commitment to keep your business afloat. But if you think about it, it’s all worth it because you will earn big from it.


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