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Increase Your PayPal Credit Limit with these Easy Steps


PayPal is an online payment method that is used by many individuals and even businesses in transferring funds. Through PayPal, you can withdraw or add funds in different ways. You can use it for the following transactions:

  • Receive or send payments
  • Sell or purchase goods and services
  • Receive or make donations
  • Exchange cash

It’s very easy to use PayPal and all you need is an email address and register an account.  The good thing about using PayPal is that it supports different online services. PayPal is continuously upgrading its service, thus allowing its clients to increase the PayPal credit limit.


To increase your PayPal credit limit, you must have an existing credit card or bank account. Here are some tips that can help you how to increase your PayPal credit limit.

  • Active account – If your PayPal account is active, it shows that you are benefiting from the services of PayPal. There is a great chance that the company would increase the credit limit if they found out that your account is active in making purchases, particularly for promoted offers.
  • Eligible – The Company will evaluate your account before you’ll be granted for an increase in credit limit. PayPal will assess for a consistent and credible transaction using your account.
  • Customer feedback (PayPal services) – Another way to increase the chances for the approval of your request, your account must be actively participating in forums or social discussions regarding the PayPal services.

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Another service that PayPal has to offer is the Student Account System. The purpose of this system is to help both the students and their parents to transfer and receive money in a convenient way. This is a great help for students away from their parents. This system is currently available for immediate countries and is not yet offered in the Philippines.

Additional info about what are those bank best partners with PayPal? Check the list down below.

Bank in Philippines Accredited by PayPal

  • Allied Bank
  • Asia United Bank
  • ANZ Bank
  • Banco De Oro
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • Bangkok Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Bank of China
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Bank of Tokyo
  • China Bank
  • China TrustCitiBank
  • Deutsche
  • DBP
  • Eastwest Bank
  • Export
  • Hongkong Bank
  • JP Morgan
  • Korea Exch Bank
  • Land Bank
  • Maybank
  • Mega Intl. Comml Bank of China
  • Metrobank
  • Mizuho Corporate Bank


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