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Implementing Guidelines About the Employment of Young Workers


To address the queries pertaining to the issuance of work permits and certificates to young workers, the (Department of Labor and Employment) DOLE had issued an advisory that will guide concerned workers and employers.

The guidelines are based from the Republic Act No. 9231 also known as An Act Providing for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labor and Affording Stronger Protection for the Working Child. This act is an amendment of RA 7610.Implementing-Guidelines-About-the-Employment-of-Young-Workers

Coverage of the Working Child Permit

It is required to secure a Working Child Permit if a child 15 years and below will engage in the following activity or work:

  • Will engage in public entertainment, whether overseas or local and regardless of the role in the project. The projects can be non-profit, political advertisements, or advocacy materials.
  • If a child is a foreign national and will engage in public information or entertainment in the Philippines.
  • Will be part of crowd or as regular extra and included in the storyboard or script.
  • If a child is selected to participate in a project after undergoing VTR screenings, workshops, or auditions.
  • If a child was chosen as semi-finalist in a contest or television show.

On the other hand, a Working Child Permit is not necessary if a child 15 years old and below will engage in the following:

  • Will join a VTR screenings or auditions
  • Was chosen as a cast or extra upon the day of taping or filming of a project
  • Being part of the audience in a live television show
  • Was chosen as a contestant in a live television show
  • Join as a contestant in a talent show
  • A beneficiary of gift-giving activities in a television
  • A participant of a play, recital, or a skit in a school

Hours of work

Pursuant to RA 9231, a working child is allowed to work not exceeding to 4 hours in a day or not more than 20 hours per week. Likewise, the child should not work on the following day particularly during night time. However, the travel and sleeping time of the child is not included in the work hours. Otherwise, the television network should record the child’s performance prior to the live broadcast (night time).

Working Child Permit

Working Child Permit may be individual or group permit. For individual permit, it should be kept by the parent or guardian of the child and should be brought whenever the child works. This permit can be used for 5 projects only. The group permit is given to children working as regular extras in a single project.

Validity of the permit

The period of validity is stated in the permit based on the application or the employment contract. But, the validity should not exceed for 1 year. The employer should give prior notice to the employer in case the performance is re-scheduled beyond the validity of the permit.

Requirements when applying for the work permit

When applying for a Working Child Permit, it is important to comply with the following requirements:

  • The role and the duration of the child’s participation as well as the salary or compensation must be indicated in the employment contract.
  • Medical certificate is valid within one month and it should be issued by a licensed physician.

Application process

The parent, guardian, or employer of the child should submit the application at the DOLE office within the workplace of the child three days before the event/taping/shooting.

The DOLE will monitor the events or shootings to validate if the information given in the permit application is true.

The guidelines about Working Child Permit will be effective on January 1, 2018.


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