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How to Use Your PhilHealth for Hospitalization?


Getting sick is costly and the expenses intensify when being hospitalized. No matter how we give proper care to ourselves time will come that health problem suddenly arises.

In 1995, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth was created. It is a universal health coverage offered to all Filipinos. The good thing about this is that your beneficiaries can enjoy the hospitalization benefits offered.

Useful tips on how to avail your hospitalization benefits

It’s important to keep all your PhilHealth documents at all times even without hospitalization. This way, you would not rush securing them when the need arises.

  • If you are employed, you can ask a copy of the updated Member Data Record from your employer. For those self-paying members, you can visit the nearest PhilHealth office in your area. All your basic information and the beneficiaries are cited in the MDR and it is one of the most important documents needed if you will avail the hospitalization benefits.
  • To qualify for the benefits, the member must be paid with the 3 months’ contribution within 6 months prior to confinement. The clinic or hospital should be accredited by PhilHealth and the attending physician is a member of PhilHealth.
  • Secure and fill out the PhilHealth Claim Form 1 and submit the original copy and the receipt of payments.
  • Prepare your PhilHealth ID along with other valid IDs.

Once all the required documents are prepared, you can ask the hospital about the submission guidelines. If you’re unable to submit the claim form personally, you can let a representative do it for you provided that you will write an authorization letter and valid ID of your representative.

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To avoid hassle in claiming the hospitalization benefits, make sure that all the information in the MDR are updated. However, if you’re not registered yet, you should prepare all the legal documents of your beneficiaries particularly the birth certificate.


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