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How to Save Money for the School Needs


School time is fast approaching and most parents are stressed about the expenses of sending their children to school. Although it is the responsibility of every parent to send children to school, but it entails a lot of sacrifices. In fact, most parents are doing everything to earn more and at the same time to save money that they can use in providing the school needs of their children.


In spite of enrolling in a public school, in which the government said that parents won’t spend money upon enrollment, but parents still need to budget some money for the school supplies and uniforms.

If you’re problematic about your budget, worry no more because there are some practical tips that will help you save money for the school needs of your children.

School supplies money saving tips

  1. Purchase early as possible

The prices of school supplies is cheaper if you will buy them as early as possible as buying them two weeks before the start of classes. To save money, it is suggested to start buying school supplies ahead of time.

  1. Make a list

When shopping for school supplies, make sure to make a list before rushing to the store. List the things that are important and usable and stick to the list as much as possible. Avoid buying things that are not really needed as it will only exhaust your budget.

  1. Compare brands

Be smart when purchasing school supplies so that you can save money. There are products of different brands but with similar quality. Choose supplies that are high quality, but with cheaper cost.

  1. Buy from local stores

Obviously, the cost of school supplies in department stores and malls are expensive than from local stores. If you want to save money, the best places where you can find cheaper school supplies are in Divisoria or Baclaran. All you have to do is to be wise in finding high-quality school supplies with cheaper costs.

  1. Look for sales and discounts

Whether you are buying from malls or local stores, you should look for sales or discounts. Keep in mind that the discounts you will save no matter how small it is can be used to buy other school needs of your children.

  1. Recycle

Being creative will help you save money for the school needs of your children. Recycling and combining notebooks with unused pages is a good idea.

School Uniforms saving tips

  1. Buy early

Just like buying school supplies, you can also save money by buying school uniforms if you will do it as early as possible. Likewise, the price of uniforms outside malls is much cheaper, but with the same quality.

  1. Quality over the price

When buying school uniforms you should prioritize the quality over the price. You may save money from buying cheaper uniforms, but it will cost you more in the long run. The best thing to do is to buy quality uniforms that will last throughout the school year. This will save you money from replacing uniform that easily worn out.

  1. Ask used uniform from relatives or friends

If you’re on a tight budget, you can ask your relatives or friends if they have used school uniforms that are still in good condition.

  1. Recycle

If your children have several pairs of school uniform, you can let them use it again particularly those that are still in good condition. All you have to do is to wash them and make them as good as new. Recycling is also applicable for old school bags, shoes, and other wearable. By this, you can save big amount of money.

Aside from those common tips discussed above that can help you to save money for the school needs and uniforms of your children, there are other saving tips that can help resolve some back to school concerns.

Packed lunch

The budget for the food or baon of your kids shares a big part of the expenses. That’s why it’s important to prepare packed snacks or lunch so that you can save money. Preparing the food by yourself you will have peace of mind that your children are eating safe and healthy foods

Avail scholarship

If you need additional financial assistance for the enrollment and other fees of your children, you can look for government agencies, private institutions, or NGOs offering scholarship programs. Aside from enrollment and tuition fees, some scholarship grants also offer allowance and school supplies. If you plan to avail scholarships, make sure that your child has good grades because that is one of the requirements.

Explore your creativity

Your creativity and resourcefulness can help you save money for all the expenses involve in sending your kids back to school again. Instead of buying covered notebooks that are expensive, do it yourself. You won’t only save money, but spend a bonding moment with your children.

Final thought

There are nothing wrong finding ways to save money, but as much as possible you should be practical. You can take advantage every opportunity to save money but you should not sacrifice the benefits, quality, and of course the health of your children.

You can save money if you know how to manage your budget well. Being financially educated is the key not only to save money from any expenses but also to have financial freedom. You can show to your children your love and care by being honest with them about your financial capability. Nevertheless, it is important to include it in your budget.


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