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How to Register in the Kasambahay Unified Registration System SSS, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth


Are you aware about the Kasambahay Law or the Republic Act 10361? After the implementation of the Kasambahay Law, employers were mandated to register their household service workers to SSS. The good thing is that RA 10361 entitles domestic workers to be covered as well by PagIbig Fund and Philhealth.


Who are those domestic workers?

The Kasambahay law identified domestic workers including those:

  • House maid
  • Cook
  • General house helpers
  • Yaya or nanny
  • Laundry person
  • Gardener
  • Driver

On the other hand, domestic workers who only work occasionally are not covered by the Kasambahay Law.

Steps to register with the Kasambahay Unified Registration System

  • The household employer and helper may visit the nearest branch of SSS, PhilHealth, or PAGIBIG to get the registration form.

The advantage of the unified registration is that you can register to either of the three agencies, but the household worker is registered with the three agencies.

  • Fill out the required information including the full name, birth date, address, sex, age, civil status and others, and submit it.
  • When the registration is successful, you will be given a printout in which the membership numbers and you need to affix your signature.

Being registered with the Kasambahay Unified, the domestic worker can enjoy the benefits that each of the three agencies offer including the following:

  • Retirement benefits – If the kasambahay had completed the 10 years’ monthly contributions, he or she is entitled to receive the retirement benefits when reaching the age of 60 or 65.
  • Sickness benefit – In case of injury or illness, the Kasambahay member is qualified to avail the sickness benefit provided that he or she had paid at least 3 months premium prior to the semester of sickness.
  • Disability benefit – This benefit is given if the member has completed 36 monthly contributions before getting disabled.
  • Maternity benefit – The member may receive maternity benefit in case of miscarriage or giving birth.
  • Death and funeral benefits – The beneficiaries can receive these benefits in case the member died.
  • Loans – These are another benefit that a member can enjoy such as salary loans, educational loans, calamity loans, and housing loan.

Kasambahay contributions can be paid through the accredited payment centers, post office, major banks and Bayad Centers.


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