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How to Register and Renew Your Vehicle in Land Transportation Office


To make the ownership of all vehicles whether brand new or not valid, those should be registered to LTO. It is a legal process that requires documents to prove ownership of the vehicle. You also need to be prepared for the fees involved for the vehicle registration.

Documents required for the vehicle registration

Before you proceed to any Land Transportation Office near you, make sure to secure and prepare all the documents needed for the registration of your vehicle. This include the documents you have when you bought the vehicle from the car dealer. You should prepare the following:

  • Latest official receipt given by the dealer
  • CTPL or the Compulsory third party liability insurance

LTO (Land Transportation Office) requires a CPTL insurance of at least Php950.00. IN case you had bought a second hand car, make sure that the OR-CR is genuine. Otherwise, if you’re unsure, the best thing to do is to have it evaluated at the LTO Property Section, East Avenue, Quezon City.

On the other hand, if you will register a brand new car, you can either let the car dealer to the job or do it on your own.

The documents needed to register a brand new vehicle vary depending on the place it is manufactured and the speed. Most of the cars sold in the Philippines were imported and the requirements include the following:

  • Commercial invoice of the vehicle issued by the country where it was manufactured
  • BOC certificate of payment
  • Bill of lading
  • CSR or the Certificate of Stock Reported
  • Sales invoice of the motor vehicle
  • PNP-TMG motor vehicle clearance certificate
  • Approved Motor Vehicle Inspection report
  • Certificate of insurance coverage
  • Taxpayer’s identification number

When all the processes and payments have been done, you can get the certificate of registration, stickers, plates, and other pertinent documents. If the vehicle doesn’t have a license plate, you need to present the OR/CR or other documents. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for a penalty of Php5,000 if there’s no plate number attached.

Requirements for renewal of vehicle registration

  • Photocopy of OR/CR
  • Insurance certificate cover
  • Approved MVIR
  • Certificate of Emission Compliance
  • TIN

The processes for renewing the car registration is the same as with the registration. You can renew the registration at any LTO district or extension office. Mostly the actual and final cost for the renewal of registration varies on your car and will be determined by the evaluator.

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Make sure to renew the registration of your vehicle on time to avoid the penalty for late registration. The schedule of renewal depends on the plate number of your vehicle.


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