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How to Open an Account in Philstocks


Philstocks – Financial experts say that investing in the stock market is a profitable venture because of the huge profit that you can earn.

Is this also true with Philstocks? Before you decide to invest in Philstocks, the first thing you should do is to know how the Philippine stock market is doing. The Philstocks is an online trading company in the Philippines that was accredited by the Security and Exchange Commission. The company has been using state-of-the-art technology to facilitate reliable and convenience online trading.

It is also important that you have ideas how to trade in the stock market. Once you know everything about Philstocks, then you can open a trading account.

Steps to open an account in Philstocks

Step 1.

Visit www.philstocks.ph to register online. The company will send the signature cards and the Customer Account Information Form in your email. After downloading and printing the CAIF and the signature cards, you should fill it up with the required information.




Submit the accomplished form and signature cards along with other requirements including 2 primary IDs (Passport, PRC ID, SSS/GSIS/UMID, driver’s license, TIN ID). You can also present secondary IDs (NBI clearance, senior citizen card, postal ID, NSO-certified birth certificate, company ID, student ID or ATM card).

Step 2.

Bring and submit all the requirements to Philstocks head office or to any branch near your place such as:

  • Head Office: G/F, East Tower, Phil. Stock Exchange Centre, Pasig City
  • Binondo Branch: G/F MBTC Downtown Center, Tytana Plaza, Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo, Manila
  • Philstocks Contact Number: 542-3919

Step 3.

The initial investment that you can deposit in Php5,000 and you can choose from any of the following banks of payment options:

  • Bancnet/Megalink thru Weepay Online Payment
  • BPI/BDO over-the-counter deposit
  • Over-the-counter payment to any Philstocks Financial, Inc. branches
  • BPI Bills Payment
  • BPI/BDO Mobile App
  • Wire transfer or remittance

You may think about the profits that you can earn while trading in the Philstocks, but you should also consider how much you can afford to risk in the stock market. It is better to start small amount so that if you lose your money, it won’t greatly affect your budget.


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