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How to Obtain UK Multiple Tourist Visa


UK Multiple Tourist Visa – United Kingdom is one of the destinations where many people flocked for both business and leisure trip. But, just like traveling to other foreign countries, a tourist or visitor visa is a must to anyone who wants to get into this country.

The diverse people and landscape as well as the wealth of history, culture, and scenic beauty makes UK a wonderful place to visit and live in.

If you’re planning to apply for a tourist visa and you frequently visiting UK, the best thing to do is to request for multiple entry visa. This type of visa allows an individual to visit the United Kingdom maximum of six months. Likewise, the visa holder is also allowed to make multiple entries in the country within the six months’ period.

The Visitor standard Visa allows multiple entry and is valid within 6 months. On the other hand, if you want to obtain a longer-term visa that you can use within 2 years, then you need to have first a good track record.

This type of visa best matches if you’re going to UK for a business trip such as to attend training, meeting, or conference, medical treatment or family visit.

How to apply for Visitor Standard Visa

The first thing to do if you want to apply for Visitor Standard Visa is to create an account with Visa4UK so that you can fill out the visa application form online. Make sure to gather all the necessary information including the following:

  • Old and current passport details that cite about the passport numbers, issued and expiry dates
  • Travel plans indicating the place you’ll be staying, the people you travel with, as well as the arrival and departure dates
  • You need to provide information about the countries you have visited, the reasons for visiting and the arrival and departure dates
  • Since you’re traveling, your income and employment details are required including the monthly living costs and the monthly income after the tax is deducted
  • You need also to give the details about the trip expenses such as plane tickets, daily expenses, and accommodations, and the daily itinerary

Your application must be completed within 120 days to avoid deactivation and repeat the whole process again. You can also set an appointment with the visa application center of the UK which is the VFS Global Services Philippines where you can submit the documents and biometric processing. The center is available only in Manila or Cebu.

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All the documents should be in English or Welsh language, otherwise, it should be translated and certified. Make sure to arrive at the visa application center ahead of time and see to it that you have all the documents in your application pack.


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