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How to Know or Retrieve Your PhilHealth Number


Once you have your PhilHealth ID, it’s important to know well or to memorize your Personal Identification Number or PIN. It is your personal code that you will use when you have transactions with PhilHealth such as availing your benefits.How-to-Know-or-Retrieve-Your-PhilHealth-Number

But, what if you lost your PhilHealth ID and you don’t know your PhilHealth number? Each member of PhilHealth is entitled for only one PIN in a lifetime. That’s why you should not expect to request for new PhilHealth number.

Here’s how to retrieve your PhilHealth number:

  1. Refer to your PhilHealth ID

The first thing to do if you forgot your PIN is to check your PhilHealth ID. Your PIN is printed on top of the ID. But, in case that your ID was lost, you need to report it and apply for ID replacement and not a new number. Never attempt to make a new application for PhilHealth ID because there’s a database of all the members.

  1. Call PhilHealth Customer Service

You can also retrieve your PhilHealth number by calling the PhilHealth Customer Service representative. During the inquiry you should be prepared to answer questions that will verify your information such as your full name, date of birth, TIN/SSS number, etc. Make sure to provide the same information used when you apply for your PhilHealth ID.

  1. Visit PhilHealth office

The surest way to retrieve your PhilHealth number is to visit personally the nearest PhilHealth branch. Tell them if you lost your ID and ask them politely if they can help you to retrieve the number. By then, you can request for card replacement. But, make sure to bring valid IDs of supporting documents that you can use for verification purposes.

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