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How to Get Solo Parent ID and Benefits


The Philippines is a family-oriented country, but it’s quite surprising that there are over 20 million people who are solo parents. Being a solo parent is not that easy providing all the needs and care for the children. Thus, to recognize all the efforts and sacrifices of solo parents, the government created a law designed for solo or single parents.


The Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000 or Republic Act 8972

The Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000 was ratified to support solo parents through comprehensive program of services.

Who qualifies as a Solo Parent?

  • Single father or mother – A father or mother left by the spouse and taking all the responsibility in rearing their children, under the following circumstances:
  1. Abandoned by spouse
  2. Death of spouse
  3. Mental or physical incapacity of the spouse (certified by a government medical practitioner)
  4. De facto or legal separation for at least a year
  5. Annulled from marriage
  6. If the spouse is imprisoned or detained as a result of a criminal conviction for a year
  • Unmarried father or mother – A parent who rear the children (even out of wedlock), rather than giving the children to a welfare institution.
  • A woman who delivers a child as a result of rape – If a woman prefers to gave birth and raise the child who is a result from a bad circumstance such as rape is also considered as a solo parent.

Aside from a single mother or father, any family member who acts as the head of the family due to disappearance or abandonment of parents is also qualified as a solo parent.  It is also applicable to any person who takes the responsibility of being a parent solely.

Solo Parent Benefits

Anyone who qualifies as a solo parent may apply for the Solo Parent ID. Possessing this ID allows the person to take advantage with the benefits as mandated in The Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Flexible work schedule

A working solo parent has the right to request for flexible working schedule as long as the core work is not affected as well as the productivity of the company.

  • Parental leave or solo parent leave

A solo parent is also allowed for leave privileges to enable her or him to perform the duties and responsibilities of a parent, whenever the presence is required. A parental leave is also granted to a working solo parent not exceeding to seven working days in a year. But, this is applicable for solo parent who serves for at least a year and receiving a full pay. However, unused parental leave cannot be converted into cash that’s why it’s better to use it.

  • No work discrimination

No employer should discriminate a solo parent employee on account of her or his status. This means that the status of a solo parent should not be a ground for disapproval of application for work.

  • Additional assistance and support

A solo parent who is classified by the National Economic and Development Authority below the poverty threshold can avail additional assistance. These include medical, educational, and housing assistance.

The assistance can be requested from the concerned agencies such as Commission on Higher Education, Department of Health, National Housing Authority, and TESDA.

Basic requirements for applying the Solo Parent ID

  • Barangay certificate
  • Proof of income or financial status
  • Supporting documents such as death certificate of the spouse, annulment certificate, or medical certificates
  • Birth certificate of the children
  • Duly accomplished application form

How to Get Single Parent ID or Solo Parent ID

Gather all the required documents listed above and proceed to the Social Welfare and Development Office that covers the city or province the solo parent is residing. Submit all the documents to the assigned social worker for verification and assessment.

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Applying for a Solo Parent ID is free that’s why you should not deal with people who ask some charge. Once your application is approved, the Solo Parent ID will be released within 30 days. It is valid for one year and should be renewed annually.


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