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How to Get PhilHealth ID Card in the Philippines


Every member of PhilHealth is entitled to obtain PhilHealth ID card. It serves as a proof of membership and a government-issued ID that can be used for different transactions in the Philippines.

As soon as an individual became a member of PhilHealth, he or she will be given a PhilHealth ID card and the MDR (Member Data Record). The full name and PIN of the member is indicated in front of the card. The owner should affix his or her signature and attach a 1×1 picture and laminate it.

Here’s how to get the PhilHealth ID card:

  1. The first thing to do is to prepare all the required documents. An applicant, whether employed or self-employed should present the following:
  • 2 valid IDs or documents (UMID ID, TIN ID, NSO birth certificate, driver’s license, etc)
  • 2 copies 2×2 photos
  • 2 copies of duly accomplished PhilHealth Member Registration Form

For online registration, make sure to print the email body (for the confirmation) sent by PhilHealth and 2 valid IDs or documents. Present it once you visit to the PHilHealth office.

You can also visit any PhilHealth office nearest to your place and ask for your application.

  1. Get the ID card and the MDR

After you have registered, the concerned personnel will print the MDR and the PhilHealth ID card.

Other individuals who can register as PhilHealth members include uniformed personnels of PNP, AFP, BFP, and BJMP. Likewise, SSS pensioner and GSIS personnel may also register with PhilHealth.

PhilHealth members may also apply for the i-PhilHealthy card that is loaded with perks. Members can use this card to avail discounts on health and wellness services and products in selected partner-merchants including South Star Drug, Watson’s, Vivian Sarabia Optical, Rose Pharmacy, PQ Health Shield, JNW Drug Testing Inc., and Fresenius Medical Care.

Applying for PhilHealth ID card is free of charge, but there are unscrupulous individuals collecting fees for facilitating the issuance of the ID card.

Thus, the management of PhilHealth informed the public to transact directly to PhilHealth office and staffs. Likewise, untoward transactions should also be reported.


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