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How to Claim Money from Western Union Ph


Sending or receiving money and remittances in the Philippines is never an issue because there are many money couriers offering their services. Western Union ph is one of those and they aren’t only offering money courier but also global payments and other related services.


If it is your first time to claim or receive money using the service of Western Union, this article will guide you through.

Western Union has about 100,000 ATMs, more than 500,000 agent locations throughout the world. You can find branch of this money courier in 200 countries all over the globe. In the Philippines, there are about 8,400 agent locations of Western Union.

Many people trust Western Union because they know that their money is secured.

Here’s how you can receive money through Western Union Ph:

There are three ways on how you can receive or claim money from Western Union depending on your location and preference.

  1. Cash pick-up

The most common and easiest way to receive money from Western Union is through cash pick-up. In fact, even families of OFWs prefer this option rather than mobile wallet or bank deposit. The advantage of this option is that the receiver can get the money any agent location or Western Union branch throughout the country.

Before heading to the Western Union branch of your choice, it makes sense to check online if the money is available for pick-up. You will be required to present valid ID with photo, the name of the sender and country (sender), as well as the MTCN or the tracking number.

Ask for the Western Union Receive Money form and fill it out with the necessary information. If it is your first time to transact business with Western Union, you’ll be required to register. If the money sent is in other currency, you can convert it to Philippine Peso.

  1. Mobile wallet

If the receiver is using SMART Money or Globe Gcash, he or she can claim the money through mobile wallet.  In this option, both the sender and the receiver will receive a notification regarding the transfer of money. This is another convenient option to claim the money as long as the mobile wallet is active

  1. Bank deposit

If you prefer to receive the money through bank deposit, make sure that you have an active bank account. As the money will transfer electronically to the bank, the sender should get the bank information of the receiver including the account name, account number, and bank code.

In case the sender has no bank account yet, the first thing to do is to open either a BPI savings account or a BDO savings account.

Western Union Tracking ph

If you’re expecting for money sent through Western Union, you can check it out here https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/track-transfer.html, but make sure to have the MTCN.

Western Union Limit receive money?

Sending money through Western Union has no limit. If you send money in the Philippines amounting to $5,000 you can take expect that there’s no transfer fee.


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