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How to Book Your Flight Using the Cebu Pacific Website


Cebu Pacific has been in the industry for many years. In fact, many clients have been patronizing their service because Cebu Pacific has available flight to almost all airports in the Philippines.

In spite of the fact that customers have been complaining about the delayed flights, still this airline company is the first choice when travelling domestically and even in the neighboring Asian country. It’s because they offer promos in which the customers can save from the air fare.

If frequently travel with Cebu Pacific, then you must know how to book your flight online through its website.

Here’s how:

Step 1.

Log in to the official website of Cebu Pacific at www.cebupacificair.com

Step 2.

In booking your trip, you can customize your flight whether for one way or round trip. You need also to indicate your flight schedule and if you’re travelling with a child. Then you can click the “Find Flights” button.

Step 3.

After selecting the desired flight, you will be redirected to the next page wherein you can select the time and fare of your chosen flight schedule. You can also find promo fares in this page and once you’re sure about it, you can click “Continue” button.

Step 4.

The next page is the Guest Information in which you will fill out all the information required. Make sure to provide true and correct information, then click “Continue”.

Step 5.

On the add-ons page, you can choose your preferred seat, your prepaid baggage and others.

Step 6.

As you reach the payment page, make sure that all the details are correct including your name, time and date of flight and the total bill before confirming and hitting the click button.

Step 7.

The good thing about online booking is that you won’t only avail promos, but also how do you prefer to pay it. You can choose paying through Credit card/debit card, PayPal, Alipay, or Payment Centers. When you choose Payment Centers, you should anticipate that each of them has different cut-off time. That’s why you should check the schedule of your preferred Payment Center. Keep your receipts as proof of payment.

Step 8.

Print the itinerary or copy the reference number because it is needed when you pay your ticket either over the counter or online. Take note of the time and date that you need to pay your itinerary.

Step 9.

Click the “Show Company/Biller not requiring enrollment” box. Select Cebu Pacific in the drop down menu and input the details.

Step 10.

After making your payment, you will receive your itinerary the following day through email.

Check this post as your guide for your next flight.

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