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How to Avail the SSS Sickness Benefits


No matter how well you keep your health, the possibility of getting sick is real. The problem aggravates if the injury or the illness would prevent you from getting back to work for long time. Financial problem may also arise thinking how to make both ends meet knowing that you depend your living on a paycheck basis.

Good news for SSS members because they can apply and avail the sickness benefit. This means that they can receive pay for the days that they were absent from work due to sickness or injury. It makes sense understanding fully everything about SSS Sickness Benefit.

What is SSS Sickness Benefit?

This benefit is given to active SSS members who are unable to work due to injury or sickness. The member patient will receive a daily cash allowance representing the days he or she is unable to work.

Who can qualify for the SSS Sickness Benefits?

  • A member was confined either at home or in a hospital for at least four days due to injury or sickness
  • The member patient must have paid at least 3 months of premium within a year period prior to the semester that he or she got sick or injured
  • If the employed member-patient has used up the sick leave with pay allotted by the company
  • He or she has informed the employer about his condition and has filed the sickness benefit application. If the member-patient is unemployed, self-employed, or voluntary paying, the sickness benefit application will be submitted directly to SSS office

Notification Procedures

For employed member-patient, the employer should notify the SSS about the confinement within 5 days after receiving the notification from the employee.

For self-employed, unemployed, and voluntary paying members, sickness notification must be made within 5 days after the confinement commences.

It is important to follow the schedule of filing the sickness notification to avoid possible reduction or denial of benefits. The sickness benefit that the member can avail is equivalent to 90% of the average daily salary credit of the member.

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Requirements for applying the SSS Sickness Benefits

  • SS Form CLD-9N (for the employee)
  • SSS Form B-304 (for the employers)
  • SS Form CLD-9A and medical certificate or SS Form MMD-102 (for self-employed/voluntary/unemployed members)
  • Certified true copy of hospital abstract, Ultrasound/ECG/Ct scan/X-ray results and other clinical records
  • SSS biometrics ID card or UMID and two other valid IDs with signature and date of birth and photo

The processing of the SSS Sickness Benefit may take some time. But, the good thing about it is that you can use the money for buying medicines or to pay for the hospital bills.


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