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How to Avail DFA Passport Appointment System


The Department of Foreign Affairs, headed by Secretary Alan Peter S. Cayetano has been implementing the Passport Appointment System as mandated by President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

Recently, the DFA has opened additional online appointment slots to accommodate many applicants who wish to apply new passport or renew passport. The online appointment is free and on a first come, first serve basis.


The main objective of passport application system is to provide convenience to all Philippine citizens residing either locally or abroad when applying for a new passport or renewal.

How to set DFA Passport appointment?

Applying for a Philippine passport is not that difficult at all because you can set an appointment online. The DFA Passport Appointment System can be made either by calling the hotline number of DFA or apply at the DFA official website.

  • Calling the DFA hotline

This is known as the Teleserve process in which a customer service can help applicant to set the appointment and submit the requirements. However, the applicant will pay extra fee for the service. You can call (02)737-1000, the Teleserve hotline for DFA passport appointment, give all the details and set the date in which the courier can pick-up the documentary requirements.

You can also log in to www.passport.com.ph and provide all the pertinent details required on the online application form. Likewise, the courier will pick-up the documents on the specified date.

All the documents will be sent to DFA ASEANA. After which, the applicant will report to DFA office for digital photo capture and biometric thumbprint encoding.

  • Online setting of appointment

Setting an appointment online can be done by visiting the official website of DFA. The applicant will fill out the online application form and will receive a confirmation link. Clicking the link, you will see the list of procedures and what to do during the final schedule. Make sure to secure all the documents and be on time. A pass or ticket will be given to the applicant that should be presented to the DFA guard during the scheduled date.

The regional consular offices of DFA including abroad work only for biometric data capturing for passport applications. The printing and production of Philippine passports is done in the country. However, before the printing, all applications and biometric data are verified to protect the passport owner from identity theft or fraud as well as to preserve the veracity of the Philippine passport.


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