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How to Apply for Western Union Franchise in the Philippines


The Overseas Filipino Workers play a big part in the Philippine economy. Through their remittances, the foreign exchange supply of the government increases and eventually generates foreign currency requirements. The increase in the GDP improves the economic growth.

To effectively facilitate remittances of OFW, remittance centers start to proliferate throughout the country. Western Union is one of the remittance centers in the Philippines that provide remittance services particularly to OFWs.

Western Union offer services such as money orders and money transfers as well as bill payments. This type of business is profitable that’s why many business-oriented people started to apply for a franchise.

Why Choose Western Union for Franchise

There are several advantages of choosing Western Union as a franchise business such as:

  • It is easy to generate income from the commission earned from every sent or received transaction
  • Increase of revenue is possible by leveraging shopping frequency and cross-selling opportunities
  • 77% of customers transfer money at least once a week and most of them are loyal and committed to the same agent
  • There’s no annual fees or investment involved, instead, you need only a computer, a printer, and stable internet connection
  • Free sales and marketing starter packs
  • Free training and software updates
  • 24-hour customer service support
  • Western Union implements best-in-class compliance program

It is feasible to apply for Western Union franchise if you have an existing retail business like financial service providers, convenience stores, pawnbrokers, travel agencies, and others.

If you’re interested to become an agent of Western Union, you can simply fill out the form in the official website of the company and submit it. Wait for a salesperson to contact you and you can start the operation of your business once it is approved.

Interested agent can visit the Western Union Agent Portal to enroll or sign in, access training, order supplies, report fraud, and password resetting. You can access the website from any web browser or computer 24/7.

For more information, you can access the following contacts:

Feel free to call the Philippines Hotline at:

02 888-1200 (for calls within Metro Manila) or

1-800-1-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via PLDT Lines) or

1-800-9-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via Globe Lines) or

+632 888-1200 (for calls from overseas).


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