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How to Apply For a Permanent Work in the Philippine Government – Requirements and Qualifications


Graduating with a bachelor’s degree does not guarantee landing a permanent work in the government. The truth is thousands if not millions of degree holders are working in private companies. There’s nothing wrong to work in private companies, but it is much better to work in the government.


Why? It’s because being a government employee guarantees job security, secured benefits, and competitive salary packages.

Benefits of working in the government in a permanent position

  • Working as a permanent employee in the government allows an individual to enjoy security of tenure. This means that an employee could not be relieve from the service without valid and solid reason until he or she reaches the retirement age.
  • Government agencies or offices offers better compensation than private companies. But, there are also private companies especially those big companies giving higher salaries than the government offices.
  • A government employee has two-day off per week (Saturday and Sunday).
  • A permanent government employee is entitled for 15 days’ sick leave and 15 days’ vacation leave within a year. He or she has the option either to consume or not the leave credits except for the 5 days’ mandatory leave that should be consumed within a year. If the leave credits are not used, it can be converted to cash during retirement. Public teachers enjoy the privilege of being paid during vacation.
  • Once employed in the government, an employee is automatically become a member of SSS and GSIS.
  • Permanent government employees receive two sets of bonus; the mid-year bonus on May and end year bonus on November.

How to qualify for a government position?

  • Education –   An individual must possess a Bachelor’s Degree, but some positions accepts high school graduate or college undergrad.
  • Trainings – Most likely, government agencies prefer applicants with relevant seminars and trainings.
  • Eligibility – another qualification in the government offices is Civil Service eligibility and PRC license or other special qualifications.
  • Experience – Government offices or agencies require applicants to have internship or related working experience.


An applicant vying to land a job in any government office should prepare an application letter, a duly accomplished personal data sheet (revised PDS 2017 form). There should be a recent community tax certificate, passport size photo, and thumb mark. Likewise, the PDS should be signed by the person administering the oath.

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You should also provide certificates of trainings attended and certificate of employment if necessary. The transcript of record is essential when applying for a job aside from the certificate of eligibility.

Steps for application

  • Search for government agencies and check for vacant positions.
  • After submitting the application, preliminary evaluation will be conducted including review of requirements, assessment, and examination.
  • Deliberation conducted by the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board.
  • Appointment is granted by the Head of Agency.
  • Verification of Civil Service eligibility

Applying in the government agencies is the best option for those who want to have a secured and steady career.


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