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How to Access Angkas Motorcycle Service


The commuting scene in the Philippines particularly during rush hour is indeed a real struggle. If you’re one of those people who have been struggling with the traffic going to and from work, every day you will get home with headache.How-to-Access-Angkas-Motorcyle-Service

Thanks to the creator of this on-demand motorcycle taxi service known as Angkas. This app-based mode of transportation aims to help commuters specifically those in the metro areas to have better options of commuting.

This is more advantageous than four-wheeled vehicles because motorbikes can beat the traffic in flexible and versatile ways.

How to book a ride Angkas motorcyle service?

If you want to try this app-based transportation service, the first thing to do is to download the Angkas app at the Google Playstore.

After downloading, sign up with the service and provide your contact details. When you’re about to book a ride, give your pick-up and drop-off point for the computation of the fares. If the computation is fair to you, simply press “Book” to request a biker nearest to your location.

All payments are in cash and you can pay the biker at your own convenience. New users of Angkas can book their first trip worth Php80 and they can also use promo code.

If you think about safety, all Angkas bikers have passed through background checks, safety training, and skill assessment programs. Likewise, the riders are equipped with face masks, hair caps, raincoat, and of course helmets. Once you book for a ride, it comes with personal accident insurance.

Riders can inform the biker about the preferred route just to ensure comfort and safety. As you’re riding in a motorcycle, always remember and practice safety precautions.

If you want to spare yourself from the long lines at the MRT station, all you have to do is book for a ride with Angkas.


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