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How Students Can Avail 20% Fare Discounts in Uber, Grab, and Angkas


As the law pertaining to fare discounts of students in public utility vehicles (PUV) was amended, many students wonder if the discount applies when booking transport services like Uber, Grab, and Angkas.

The good news is that these transport services were covered by the law. Students will enjoy the benefit of 20% discount.How-Students-Can-Avail-Fare-Discounts-in-Uber,-Grab,-and-Angkas

Here’s how to acquire and avail the 20% fare discounts:


Students in both pre-collegiate and collegiate levels can apply for 20% discounts in their GrabShare and GrabCar rides. But, students taking PHDs and Masters are excluded in the fare discount. The students should prepare the following requirements including school ID or any government issued ID, and current school certificate of registration.

Visit the official website of Grab https://grabph.typeform.com/to/hpphWP and answer the survey form. After accomplishing the form, you should wait for a confirmation from Grab. Make sure that the contact number and email you provided in the survey is active. Grab will send the exclusive promo code that you’ll use when booking for rides.


The requirements are the same with Grab when you want to register with Uber. Visit the official website of Uber at https://help.uber.com and follow the registration process. It would take about 24 hours before the student discount application is granted. It will be send to your number or email.


The application process for Angkas’ fare discount is faster and easier. The students should take a photo of the school ID and certificate of registration.  Send the photos along with your contact number on the Facebook account of Angkas or send a message on their Twitter account. Post a message that you are applying for a student discount.

Angkas will evaluate the requirements and make sure that the photos are clear for faster assessment and approval. You will receive a message from Angkas if you can use the special promo code every time you’ll book for a ride.


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